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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LIGHTING up the party!

Lighting is an important part of the party. It really does set the mood. It helps calm and relax people or brighten them up and get them ready to dance under the disco light! Think about what kind of lighting you want, if electric lighting is planned...pre-think where any outlets are and if you'll need extension cords, and how many feet of it. If candles are what you want also, remember to clear their way from curtains, dry flowers or any other flammable items. And it's always best I think to have your candles unscented. Unless you are really pushing a "lilac" theme or "chocolate" theme. The reason why is to just play it safe. Everyone has different smells they like and dislike, even chocolate. And it can also be over whelming, especially if the candles are nearby.

Here are some placement ideas for lighting...

This is easy as pie...easier than pie :) (I can't make pie well. haha) Just make some square paper lanterns yourself. Buy some nice scrap paper and fold them, then tape the sides together. Add a string hole on two sides and when you are ready to hang...string one side then over the led light bulb& cord.... and back through the other hole on the other side of the paper. Make a knot of course so it doesn't fall thru.

You'll need some outlets for this one!! But it makes a dramatic look. It's beautiful! For mesh look on e-bay to buy.

I'm guessing these people added spot lights and pointed them towards the tree. A great idea!

I love this! If you are thinking of a marriage proposal or valentines party or a great way to lead guests to your wedding ceremony, this is it! For cheap petals, try asking florists for their "damaged petals". When they buy roses they usually remove the outside petals that have been a little damaged or are dis-colored.

Ok, few ways of doing this lighting. One and probably the easiest I would think, is to hang some old jars or candles holders and I personally would use battery operated candles. They won't go out with the wind and won't get hot and break any thin glass holder. To hang, try some wire. Tie around the base of the necks. Do this twice then tie both strings to branch. Make sure the string is tough so it wont break in wind or if you do use real tea light candles, it won't melt!

I find these light-up ice cubes at many party supply stores. Fun to have. I like to put them in big punch bowls. Or be a little creative and add them to vases...

This diamond is water activated. I used some at my own wedding. They glowed nicely for 40 hours. Find them here...

You'll have to make these frames yourself unless you happen to have or find one already made. These are made with construction paper. Make a frame and then add a photo. Tape side together and add a battery operated candle inside. Please don't use a real candle, chances are, it'll be too hot and burn the pretty frame!!

When I use candles on my table I usually put candles that are different sizes then put them on candle holders that are different heights. Don't ask me why, but it makes the table feel friendlier. Maybe because they aren't all the same height, size, color and lined up perfectly, I don't know. But I like doing this for small family dinners or Thanksgiving.

Hmmm...I'd probably use this at a baby shower dinner. Or a small get-together with girl friends.

Chandelier candle stick holders. I love these! They are sexy, romantic and classy.

One day, I will find a great chandelier, maybe refurnish it a little and put it outside. I don't have a table under a tree but I might add it on my porch. My only problem would be the wind putting the candles out. SO, my next experiment is to have an electric one outdoors. I'll let you know how it goes. Doesn't it look pretty?

Again, i like candles one color and unscented - always! You don't know all your guests well enough to know what smells they dislike or like. And scented can be overwhelming especially if the candles are nearby.

Floating candles. I have had many different kinds that did not float well at all. So maybe before buying a bunch for a big party - or even a little party, try a couple first at home.

Hanging from a tree...great idea. Again, try some floating candles out before buying a bunch of them because some don't float well. Depends on the brand you buy.

I have done this beautiful idea. It turned out amazing and I highly recommend it for any celebration, maybe besides a baby shower. Here's a close up and directions...

You can use any wine glass or brandy glass or etc. Wine glasses are what I used. You can rent s bunch from a party rental store or if ya really a couple boxes. You can buy them cheap at some discount stores. Personally I used a hot glue gun to stand these together. I was scared the table will move during the party or shake a little. And it'll come tumbling down. So I glued the bottoms to the tops of the glasses. I used hot glue because it was easy-enough to remove after. 
I then filled glasses with water. Some glasses had those little blue, water activated diamonds shown above and some glasses had the heads of roses in them. It was beautiful!...Here's mine...

Chandelier candle stick holders. I love using these at Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner! You want to make sure of the height however. So people can see and talk to the person in front of them.
Remember that led string lights are great to use. They are not expensive either. Just make sure you follow the directions they come with. Don't put too many sets together or use extension cords with some brands. Some are ok to use an extension with although make sure your extension cord is not a cheap one either. This helps the risk of fire. Use outdoor led lights for outdoor and indoor for indoor!!

A romantic bath for you or a special one.
This color scheme is so "summery" and fun.

For this neat look use two vases. With the bigger one add water and food coloring according to the color you want. Then add the smaller vase inside and add a tea light candle. Very simple but very origanal and neat too.

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