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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Color Schemes and Ideas < part 1

There is many shades of purple so make sure to go thru them before choosing.

Purple is nice for many occasions. It depends on your theme too. A "wild berry wedding" would obviously accept purple. Or even a small dinner party, anniversary or a baby shower.

Yellow and puprle. A sweet and elegant combination.

Mix the purple up with other wild colors (carefully). It can look like a "wild berry" color scheme.
 Put a little food coloring in your water b4 freezing it next time to add to vases, makes a real pretty centerpiece.

Now, YELLOW. Before throwing the idea of yellow out of your mind, look at some pictures and see if it changes your mind. Yellow easily brightens parties. If you are working with a dark room then maybe think of yellow as a primary color

.Yellow and grey, shown above.

Green and yellow above. Still, yellow is a beautiful color to add!

White; it's a color many love using for christmas and weddings. Here are some ideas for some occasions.

I think the color white says "pure", "majestic", "gentle", "precious" and "fairytale".

REDS scream in bold, "classy, elegant, sexy and romantic."

Don't be afraid to use a bold color like red. Bride's maids usually don't mind wearing the color, maybe the dress...but usually not the color.

Valentines :)
I wish I could get this many petals for my parties! This is such a beautiful idea!!

Looks like there is a mix of wild flowers. I love this look. The red isn't over done either.

Red for any occasion!

Red and pink together scream BOLD for sure! But in the right party it would be amazing!

BLACK & WHITE. I actually find this to be a little more bold than red. Remember that black and white is a huge style right now. Especially that victorian pattern on the table. But as 70's wallpaper fell way out of style, this might too. It's a strong theme so be careful what you do. Make sure it's what you want in your photo album for decades to come.

Green and black. I can see this working. Halloween or a mint-themed wedding. Myself, I don't think i'd ever use the color scheme.

Pretty in PINK

Pink and orange, an odd combination I personally wouldn't use. I'm sure it would brighten up any party though!

A rolled napkin gives you the rose look.

Pink and green. I love it!! I see a party by the beach, I see a nice outdoor bbq or game nite, drinks or even a baby shower.

Using tin cans as vases.

Vintage. A very nice look. You have to make sure to make your whole party work with the theme. You don't want some vintage decor and some cheap decor from a local store everyone shops at. Keep it all vintage and your guests will love it.

More pastel colors.

Lilac and brown.

Blue and brown.

Brown and beige/white.

Dark Brown.

 Brown pup.


Blue diamonds you can add in water. You can find these at places such as

Baby boy baby shower :)

Make this look by taking a vase, add water and food coloring. Take another, smaller vase and place it inside with the candle. Makes an easy-to-do and pretty centerpiece.

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