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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Wine & Cheese Tasting Evenings

My Wine and Cheese Tasting Nights

I have so much fun during our annual wine and cheese tasting evenings. I think everyone else does too! Every year I try to change it up a bit. Add some more information, some new wines of course, new decorations, new people.
This year I am going to have a small book with a lot of research I`ve done (thank you Google) for each person. There`s a lot of ``need-to-know`` stuff and really cool ``did-you-know``, stuff in it. Also pictures of neat vinyards or other interest on the subject of wine.
The important thing is always to have your guests `happy & confortable`which is what I always remind myself. But with a evening like this, you want everyone to go home and feel they`ve learned a fair amount. Otherwise, what`s the point, right? You mind as well have had a simple wine soirĂ©. 
If you are interested in all the papers, info, pictures and even the "fill out forms" for each guests (reminders on the wines for themselves) then let me know and I can send it your way.

 You want sparkle!! Here's one idea.
In this picture, what I did was get many wine glasses, hot glue the glasses on top of one another. I used hot glue because it's so easy to peel off once you are done, it doesn't ruin the glasses either. Then I added some water in the glasses, "water diamonds" which are water activated, and some roses....You could also put in some floating candles.

I make sure the wine nights sparkle. I added here some strings of lights (I collect them on sale around Christmas) and some are nicely decorated already with beads, glass or etc. NOTE: I plug them in at the end of the table, But I do have guests who walk near the cord. So we don't want tripping and of course if the lights were pulled, everything on the table might follow including I count on my duck tape to duck it to the floor!!  You just want to be careful, it's dark in the room and we are all drinking wine!

Ok so just the string of lights will light up the table a lot but I add candles -always-. Nicest are of course glass holders. The crazy sparkle in the night comes from the little lights everywhere against all the glass surrounding you! You have 2-3 wine glasses on the table per person, I always have glass or white plastic jugs of water (as in pic), the wine bottles themselves, vases of course and even people's jewelry will shine!

A nice touch I like to do, which people have complimented me on is adding tons of red and green grapes around the string of lights. So going down the table in the middle. In the picture above I think it was the end of the evening, grapes are gone. :) It gives everyone something to munch on. And of course it adds to the look of a "wine and cheese" evening.

Flowers, red. I always go red, maybe orange included but usually red. To compliment the wine again. 

Remember if you want any info on how to do a wine night or for all the papers, info, pictures and etc, I can send you all that.
Our next wine and cheese evening is in 2 weekends. I'm hoping this year I remember to take some better and more photos!
Till then, Cheers!

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