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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Grandparent's 50th Anniversary Party 07/10

My grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary was held here at our home/work/play house. We have the room and the tools so we do a lot of evenings here. 
This anniversary was easy to decorate and plan but because I went with a 1960's theme (the yr they married), I had to do a lot of research. I mean...a LOT! I had help of friends and family thankfully. Because the music started putting me to sleep and the endless hours and days on Google started hurting my eyes, my head, my back and especially my time with my kids. 
Here's a few things I did....

I wanted to show everyone the family my grandparents had created. Their family tree. 
I decided to do it with big pictures so the feeling of the tree would be more real. Know what I mean?
I bought my dollarstore frame, did some hours of finding pictures, editing them and printing them and putting the frames together. Then I used hot glue to put them up. I do NOT recommend the glue though! haha. I looked and looked for putty, never found it and so I had to use something last minute! In the end when I removed the frames, their was actually only a couple spots on the wall that had to be touched up.
I also added people's names to the pictures. Not everyone who came would remember everyone's names. I'm sure even my forgetful grandmother forgot a couple times! haha!

I did a 1960's glam look to things. 
Here is a frame with pictures of my grandparent's original wedding photos. I put it up right over the guestbook. With cards so people could write something.

I printed out a lot of old movie covers, nice shots of celebrities and and so on. I added the photos to the inside of small drinking glasses. Then put in battery operated candles. It was a neat look. Of course I glamed them up too with little diamonds.

The Tree. 
If I knew how much work this was going to be...would I have done it again? hahaha. Maybe. Still not sure.
So there was stripping the tree down, (the bottom is in the pail with dirt). I glossed it up with gold paint. Glued on some roses, pearls and a couple birdies, then put the lights thru it. It was a nice look but needed more accessories I found. I'll post the original picture that gave me the idea down below. And here's some close shots...

The original idea.....
Yes...I know mine didn't look the same. I needed a bolder gold paint especially. And more diamonds & pearls! It was my first try though :)

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